The first divorce handled by Angela Lund-Logan was her own.  She
personally understands the emotional turmoil her clients experience
and strives to reduce the stress caused by a family law case.  

2001-2005.  While attending Southern Illinois University School of
Law, Angela Lund-Logan worked for two local law firms and
conducted mediations for the SIU Alternative Dispute Resolution
Clinic.  Beginning her legal career in Ogle County, Angela Lund-
Logan worked for a former Ogle County State's attorney in a general
practice firm.  Although involved in many different types of law, the
majority of Angela Lund-Logan's practice was family law.

2005-2007.  Attorney Angela Lund-Logan created the civil practice
for a high volume criminal firm in Rockford.  She saw the need for
the firm to assist criminal clients with Orders of Protection as well as
their divorce, paternity, and custody cases.  Many clients needed
their child support reduced.  Some clients needed to execute a
power of attorney or a will while their criminal cases were pending.  
This role gave Attorney Angela Lund-Logan invaluable insight in the
attorney-client relationship and the value of meeting clients' needs.

Angela Lund-Logan opened her own law firm to focus on the needs
of her clients.  Every client deserves to have
effective representation
at a reasonable rate.  


Attorney Angela Lund-Logan believes that zealous representation of
a client requires an attorney to:

  • guide the client through the process
  • encourage the client to actively participate in his/her
  • assist the client in the decision-making process
  • instruct the client as to the necessary steps he/she must take
  • educate the client as to actions that will negatively impact the
  • discuss fees when determining strategy and the next step
  • prepare the client for possible outcomes

UNDERSTANDING THE CASE. Explaining each stage, each
document, and each court appearance, Attorney Angela Lund-
Logan takes the confusion out of a family law case.  When a client
understands what is being said in court and in the pleadings, clients
are able to actively participate in the case.  The process shouldn't
be a mystery.  With Angela Lund-Logan as your attorney, you will
understand the process, the paperwork, and the court proceedings.  

FAMILY LAW.  Attorney Angela Lund-Logan limits her practice to
family law cases.  There are many attorneys who practice family law
but few who only handle family law.  If you have a family law case,
you need an attorney solely practices family law.  Limiting her
practice allows Attorney Angela Lund-Logan to be familiar with the
vast nuances of each aspect involved in the practice of family law:
custody, visitation, child support, maintenance, retirement accounts,
real property, personal property, debt allocation, college expenses,

JUDGES.  Knowing the judge is key to representing clients
effectively.  If you do not regularly appear before a judge it is difficult
to advise clients about that judge.   Learning the idiosyncrasies of a
judge is just as important as knowing how that judge interprets the
law.  To be cognizant of the family law judges Attorney Angela Lund-
Logan limits her practice to Boone and Winnebago counties (17th
Judicial Circuit

COUNTIES.  Every county is part of a Judicial Circuit.  Each circuit
has its own local rules that apply to just those counties.  In addition
to the Illinois Supreme Court Rules, the statutes, and case law,
attorneys must know the local court rules.  These rules vary widely
between circuits.  Failure to know the local court rules can have
severe and often expensive consequences for clients.  Attorney
Angela Lund-Logan limits her family law practice to the 17th Judicial
Circuit comprised of Boone and Winnebago counties.
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