also known as V. A. P.
the signer has read and understood his rights and responsibilities listed on the
EFFECT OF SIGNING A VAP.  When a man signs a VAP, he becomes the legal
child support, providing medical insurance, paying for medical expenses, and
reimbursement for payment of public assistance.  The signer has no right to
request genetic/DNA testing as he waived this right when signing the VAP.  

CHALLENGING A VAP.  A VAP becomes conclusive unless it is timely rescinded
(voided).  Once the time period for rescission has passed,  the only option
available to challenge the VAP is through section 2-1401 of the Civil Procedure
Act.  DNA evidence is not allowed to challenge the conclusiveness of a VAP after
the time frame for rescission has expired according to the ruling of the Illinois
Supreme Court in The People ex rel. The Department of Public Aid v. Romel C.