Court approved mediators for Boone and Winnebago counties

DEFINITIONS.  Mediation is a process whereby a couple who cannot agree
upon visitation and/or custody meets with a neutral third party to attempt to
resolve the disputed issues.  

PURPOSE.  The sole purpose of mediation is to assist the parties in
reaching an agreement.  The mediator does not make a recommendation
or decision as to the disputed issues between the couple.  

NON-BINDING.  No person MUST agree to anything in mediation.  Any
agreement reached in mediation is not binding upon the couple.  This
means that either person may change his/her mind and no longer agree
with the agreement reached.  The mediator cannot testify to the statements
made during mediation.

MEDIATOR.  Most counties have a list of court-approved mediators.  You
can usually contact the circuit clerk of the county in which you reside to
obtain names of court approved mediators.  The links about lists the
approved mediators by county.

PROCESS.  If an agreement is reached by the parties, this agreement is
put into writing, and given to the couple, their attorneys, and sometimes the
Court.    Remember this agreement is non-binding on the parties.   

REPORT.  Once mediation is completed, the mediator will file a report with
the court.  This report simply states that mediation has occurred, often
stating the date(s) and length of mediation, and whether a Guardian ad
litem (GAL) is recommended.
Attorney Angela Lund-Logan, Attorneys & Lawyers, Loves Park, IL