A child support obligor (payor) will be required to pay a percentage of his or her

Number of Children                        Percentage of Net Income

1                                                                20%
2                                                                28%
3                                                                32%
4                                                                40%
5                                                                45%
6 or more                                                 50%

NET INCOME.  The statute defines "net income" as income from all sources
minus allowable deductions.  Therefore, net income for child support purposes
is not simply "take home" pay.  The allowable deductions include such as state
taxes, federal taxes, social security, etc.

Income.  Income is broadly construed in Illinois to include ALL sources of
income including overtime, commissions, and bonus pay.

UNEMPLOYMENT.  A person owing child support who is unemployed is not
relieved of the child support obligation under Section 505.1.  The presiding judge
may order the following:

  • the person to seek employment and periodically report to the court with a
    diary of such efforts (commonly called a job diary)
  • the person to report to the Department of Employment Security for job
    search services
  • the person to make application with the local Job Training Partnership Act
  • the person to report to the Illinois Department of Health and Family
    Services (formerly called Public Aid) for participation in job search,
    training, or work programs when the child for which the person owes
    support is receiving public assistance


HEALTH INSURANCE.  Section 505.2 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of
Marriage Act grants the presiding judge the authority to order health insurance
coverage be paid in addition to child support.

Uncovered Medical Expenses.  These are expenses that are incurred outside of
the health insurance such as deductibles, co-payments, etc.  These expenses
are in addition to the health insurance coverage and cane be ordered to be paid
in addition to a child support order.

Daycare.  The non-custodial parent can be ordered to pay for one-half of the
daycare expenses incurred by the custodial parent.  Daycare expenses are not
limited to a daycare facility but include daycare providers using their home to
provide services or daycare providers that come into the custodial parents
residence to provide services.

Extracurricular activities.  A non-custodial parent can be ordered to pay as
much as one-half of the extracurricular activities of the child/children.  The
application of payment for extracurricular activities varies widely from county to
county and from judge to judge within a county.

Educational expenses.  If the a child attends private schooling during the
marriage/relationship of the parents, then the parents could be ordered to
continue to pay the private school tuition after the marriage or relationship ends.  
The portion that each parent must pay is at the discretion of the presiding judge.